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Today, I am sharing my latest essay with GEN.  The piece is a little angry, a little hopeful, and just the teeniest bit snarky. You know, a fun, juicy read about…policy. Truly! It’s about Mitt Romney’s Family Security Act, the most pro-family, pro-child piece of legislation in generations. It’s also deficit neutral. Mitt is a Republican. You’d think his fellow Republicans, members of the pro-life party, would be ecstatic!

They were not.

“In a joint response to the Family Security Act, Sens. Mike Lee and Marco Rubio said in a joint statement, “An essential part of being pro-family is being pro-work. Congress should expand the Child Tax Credit without undercutting the responsibility of parents to work to provide for their families.”

This is so awkward because I thought I was a working parent. While the work I do at home is unpaid, it is work that provides. It’s also work that the country needs caretakers — professionals and parents alike — to do and do well. We are raising the children who will fund our social security. Our children will also pay Lee and Rubio’s taxpayer-funded pension. What I do is work; the homesphere is equal to the marketsphere. My work deserves to be economically valued. Pay me for my work and I can provide in a way the joint senators find acceptable.”

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