As homeculture has taken off, I’ve been struck by how much more there is to say. And not just by me, by YOU. Instagram used to be where I had personal conversations with the people who read my writing, but my DMs are steadily becoming unmanageable. Too many of your good words are getting lost. And it’s not just that they’re lost to me, they’re lost to everyone else in the community. Your words are too important to get lost!

I've also found that so many homeculture subscribers are not really on Instagram all that much at all! And I am so anxious to hear from each of you. And even more anxious for you to hear each other.

Introducing kitchentable

So I’ve built a kitchen table big enough for all of us to sit around. And by kitchen table, I mean a Discord server. Which is different from a kitchen table in that it is not a kitchen table. But is similar to a kitchen table in that it’s a great place to sit together and talk. Discord is basically a free app that makes it easy to talk to one another. A friendly little chat room. It works kind of like Slack, but it’s not work. Thank goodness.

The homeculture Discord server has different discussion threads like - Unpaid Labor, Paid Labor, Recipes, Community Action, Poems, Housing, Newsletter Discussions, Relationships, Reading Recommendations, In the News and Pop Culture. It’s a place where you can meet each other, learn from one another and chat with each other when maybe things have been too quiet, or too loud, at home. You can pop in and out, easily. That’s one of the things I love most about Discord, the door is always open.

I’ll host exclusive discussions there and ask for your opinion on upcoming pieces. There are voice chat rooms, kind of like clubhouse. I am excited to pop in there and host real-time discussions where I get to really HEAR you. It’s going to be a safe place where we can be vulnerable and brave in equal parts. Kind of like home.

I am calling this new space, kitchentable. Because, well...I guess it's pretty obvious.

How to join kitchentable

homeculture will continue to be free for everyone, but kitchentable is only available to current paid subscribers to homeculture and my monthly supporters over at ko-fi. Paid subscriptions help me pay for childcare and help keep this newsletter free for everyone. kitchentable is the first of many ways I am working on to say thank you for the financial support. (Ready to subscribe? Head over here.)

Paid subscribers will get an email tomorrow with a link to join kitchentable. In the email there will be a little incentive for joining kitchentable! So, you'll definitely want to read it.

I’ll also include instructions on how to use Discord for those who are new to it. Don't be worried if it's new to you! It was new to me too! The first time I used it was for Anne Helen Petersen’s newsletter Discord, Sidechannel. I was shocked at how easy, congenial and just gosh darn connecting the whole thing is.

Win a kitchentable membership

Not a paid subscriber because you can't afford to financially support my work? I get it. I've been there. I know you are supporting in other ways, like reading and sharing my newsletters. SO! I am giving away 20 memberships to kitchentable. Just fill out this google form and you are entered to win one.

I really can't wait to sit and chat with you. And I cannot wait for you to sit and chat with each other. This is kind of like a potluck party - we’re all going to be showing up with different dishes. I just know it’s going to be really, really delicious and sustaining.

Thank you so much for reading homeculture. If you liked what you read here, please subscribe. You can choose from free and paid subscriptions. homeculture is always free for everyone. Paid subscriptions compensate me for my work and help keep this space accessible to everyone.

Want to join in on the community conversation? Become a paying member and join us at the homeculture discord, kitchentable. Once you're subscribed, I'll send you an email inviting you to join the chat room.

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