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Well, let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way, shall we? Stay at Home Meg has become homeculture. Stay at Home Meg was a good name. It made me laugh. But it didn't provide quite enough shelter for me and was definitely not wide enough for all of you. So, it was time for a bigger roof. homeculture has plenty of space for all of us.

I am pretty excited about the new logo designed by Melanie Burk. See that place set at the table? It’s for you.

homeculture is still a newsletter about, you know, home culture. It will be delivered to your inbox twice a week.

Some things are staying the same.

This newsletter will still be full of pieces like Miscarriage at Home, A Crowded Table and A Concise Chronicle of a Woman Who Cried at Home. And I’ll continue to publish perspectives outside of my own.

But! There will also be new ways to engage with each other! Featured artists creating artwork (you can buy!) inspired by home. There will be new ways to connect as a community. (coming soon!) And subscribers will be able to suggest story ideas each month.  

Starting next week, longform essays will have audio narration. If you don’t have time to read a piece of writing, I would be so happy to read it to you! homeculture has its own bookshop. Which is pretty exciting. You can shop by shelf or go visit the whole glorious digital space. New books will be added to the shop weekly. Sometimes, when I am very, very lucky I’m able to add books of real life friends. Friends like Anne Helen Petersen!

homeculture will feature more pieces exploring the forces shaping the communities where we make our homes. Historic Character, an essay I wrote about my own neighborhood is a good example of this kind of work. It’s a sweeping piece that examines the history of my neighborhood to better understand a current issue that is tearing our little community apart.

Historic Character is about my neighborhood. But by the time you’re done reading it, I think you’ll feel it’s about many American neighborhoods. Maybe a few you lived in yourself.

homeculture is free for readers, but it costs me quite a bit.

As a token of hospitality, homeculture is always free for readers. But it costs me quite a bit. So now readers the opportunity to support  my work. A quick explanation of why this space needs funding.  

There are the costs that are a bit hard to quantify. Hours of researching and writing! Sometimes people ask me how long it takes to write a piece. Every piece requires weeks of reading and thinking and experiencing. Some pieces are written in a few hours, while others take a few days. Historic Character went through three drafts over two weeks, for example. All of it is real work I've done for years for real free.

There are the costs that are easy to measure. This site costs me $1000 a year to keep on the internet. There are other little site costs like design, development and services that keep homeculture secure and streamlined. The average annual cost of childcare in Colorado is $15,325 per child. That’s $1,277 a month. During the school year I have one child who needs childcare. In the summer, I have three.

When I publish new perspectives from other writers, I believe in paying a market rate (or above!) for their work. When you compensate me for my work, you help me them compensate them for theirs.

And finally, much of my writing is focused on the importance of valuing women's work. I love this space. But it is work. And I am a woman. And well, it’s maybe time to get paid.

There are a lot of ways to support my work on homeculture.

While subscribing to the newsletter is free, you can also select a paid monthly or yearly option. For $5 a month or $50 a year, you can help me keep this space accessible to everyone.

Not in the mood for a paid subscription? Great! At the bottom of each post, I’ll have an option for you to buy me 9 minutes (or more!) of childcare. When paying hourly, $3 dollars equals about 9 minutes. And I am grateful for every second.

Another great way to help homeculture while helping yourself? Buy a book from the bookshop! 10% of every purchase helps keep homeculture’s front door open. Even more exciting? Every single purchase supports an independent bookstore too. Want a book I don't have on my shelf? Use the search bar in my bookshop and homeculture still get 10% of your purchase!

I know sometimes we can't support each other financially. I get it. Please know you are meaningfully supporting me every time you read my writing, every time you share my writing. I'd just be a tree falling in an empty forest without you all.    

On Thursday (tomorrow!) we are going to have a big housewarming party. It’ll be hosted in the newsletter and on Instagram. There will be housewarming gift giveaways (I hope you win!) and the opportunity to come together as the homeculture community to help make a refugee’s house a home.

Welcome to our new home(culture). I am so happy you are here.

Thank you so much for reading homeculture. If you liked what you read here, consider subscribing. Think you know someone who’d like this essay? I’d love for you to share it! Join in on the community conversation. We talk a lot on Instagram and Twitter. If you really loved this this piece and want to leave me a little tip? Consider buying me 9 minutes of childcare so that I can keep writing.