This is a newsletter about home culture. It's mostly told from my individual perspective. Newsletters are often created around one voice for many reasons. It turns the newsletter into a lovely long-term narrative. It also creates a flow where the reader and the writer can hop in and out of conversation. I kind of love it.

But this is not a model without fault. Perspective is necessarily limited. And while I am focused on creating that flow of familiar conversation here, I do not want this space to feel too limited. This little place on the internet isn't my world, it's ours.

So as, funding and submissions allow, I will be hosting work in this newsletter from perspectives different from my own. Words and art and interviews. This publishing effort will seek to center work from Asian Americans, Black people, Indigenous people, Hispanic and Latinx people, immigrants, single moms, refugees, LGBTQI+ people and anyone else who has traditionally been excluded from the canon of stories about the American home. I hope to feature six voices a year but will be ecstatically happy if funding and submissions allow for more.

Want to contribute to homeculture? Excellent! Pitches just need to be centered in the home - in the past, present or as visions of the future. They can be about a meal, a piece of furniture, a moment, a person, a memory, anything rooted in home. Accepted pieces will receive compensation. Send pitches to

Want to help fund this newsletter and the publication of different perspectives? There are a couple ways to help. You can sign up for a monthly or yearly membership. Or you can make a one time or recurring donation at my ko-fi. Can't currently contribute financially? I get it! Each time you share a piece from this space you are helping homeculture thrive.