My favorite homeculture essays. My best home work, if you will.(See what I did there?)

By Design : I like Gabrielle Blair's description of this piece, "It starts with eat-the-rich vibes and then goes DEEP into the history of kitchen design and how it intersects with sexism, racism, communism and more."

Tree of Life : Americans are refusing vaccines because they've forgotten that children dying of infectious disease is natural.

The Starts and Ends of Creation : As the tide rises, the effectiveness of my ADHD medication descends

Heat Domes + Firecrumbs: Pregnant in a once in a lifetime heat wave, that happens twice every summer.

Mommies of Instagram : These women weren’t being paid to be caretakers or community builders. They were being paid for their online depiction of that labor.

Angry Girls, Angry Women: What was the first album by a woman you remember feeling was forbidden?

The Colonoscopy + The Couple: There is no ladylike way to say, “Sometimes I bleed from my butt.”

Miscarriage at Home: I finished my miscarriage on the toilet. We don't talk about what happens in women's bodies or bathrooms.

An American Shame: Why did I feel embarrassed to tell people I was renting my home?

American Ownership: My husband and I bought our first home when we were twenty-four. It’s important to be honest here. This wasn’t some triumph of good sense and hard work.

American Dream: Helping Americans find stable shelter, both under a roof and in our society, must become an integral part of the American Dream.

I Wore Lingerie for the First Time in Years. It was a Disaster: Lingerie is complicated because lingerie is not neutral. It is a consumer good driven by exclusionary trends.

A Concise Chronicle of a Woman Who Cried at Home: What has crying in the home looked like over the centuries?

The Table Comes First: The table comes first can be a radical ideology of plenty if we center the table instead of our placement around it.

A Defense of the Common House Spider: It seems silly to have suddenly gained so much empathy for an arachnid. But there is something in the life of the Tegenaria Domestica that reflects my own; perhaps its commonness, perhaps its littleness.

A Crowded Table: I own the table of my dreams because someone was desperate.

Racial Justice at the Kitchen Table: Challenging racism at the kitchen table is homemaking.

The Winchester Mystery House: If there's one thing we love more than a haunted house, it's a haunted woman.

My Friend was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer: I want you to know what it is like to sit in her home.

Hospitality in the Time of Covid: It's time for American Hospitality to Evolve for Good.

Power Grids are Failing All Over America: We can no longer trust our nation’s infrastructure to keep our families safe, happy, and healthy.