You Got Me Shakin'

It's Monday morning.

I am tired. The girls were up too early and a bug bite on my eyelid has swollen to Quasimodo dimensions. I stubbed my toe and am walking with a pronounced limp. My hair gel is officially gone which means my head looks like the losing end of some sort of bird fight. And Margaret keeps reminding me that I promised to GO ON A LONG WALK TO GET COOKIES, CAN WE GO? NOW? LET'S.GO.NOW!

Go...Now? I am picturing the scene. The kids in the stroller being pushed by crazy-haired, half blind and limping me. Sounds like some sort of performance art presentation of June Cleaver meets The Walking Dead. No one wants tickets to that. No one.

Here is the thing. It could be (and has been) worse. I just need a little something to get the day started. A little something to get me shakin'.

I dare you to listen to this song without feeling like you are the girl Mr. Jack White is singing about. Come on. Smile. Get happy. You got him all jittery.

It's Monday Morning!

turn it up. louder. louder. perfect.