Dear Margaret,
Last night was a hard night.
I read a story about a mom just like me that lost a daughter just like you.
Your Dad held me while I cried in our bed.
Have I mentioned how sweet our Riley is? He wanted to go wake you up so that you could cuddle me better.
It was very tempting.
I decided to let you sleep.
Today has not been hard.
We have so much fun together. Every morning you play in your crib, chattering with people I can't see.
Finally, you call for me and I open the door to your room. You shout, "HI MOMMY!"
Hi baby girl.
Our days are filmy with fun and frolic.
You help me sweep. We dance. We read. You yell. I laugh.
You love The Little Mermaid, soup and singing.
I love you.

Tonight will be a better night.

I am going to stop worrying about tomorrow. You give me too many good todays.