To do list

Today I...

Drove around and ran errands for three consecutive hours
Made a pot of beans ... double the salt pork
Took Viola Honey to the Doctor, Hello Acid Reflux.
Picked up a prescription, GOODBYE Acid Reflux
Read Goodnight Moon to Margaret before her nap
Listened to Margaret cry before her nap
Caved and read Goodnight Moon to Margaret THREE more times before she finally napped
Held Viola while she cried
Held Viola while she smiled
She cried some more
Picked up Riley from work
Ate leftovers for dinner ... pizza for Margaret, corned beef and cabbage for the parents
Watched Antique Roadshow
Cried while watching Antique Roadshow...they are just so happy...How can you not cry?
Took a bath
Collapsed into a puddle of blogging, Pinterest and facebook

Tomorrow I will...

Seek my Heavenly Father first

Happiness will follow.