Thus far

creepy meg says, "hi". story behind the photo on my instagram, @meg_in_progress

I often write about the things I hope and fear and contemplate. I feel very open, and at times, vulnerable in this space. Last night, I realized that I never write about the things I am actually doing. I leave out the actions I am taking to achieve the things I want or the missteps I have made. These omissions are mostly due to the fact that I cannot imagine anyone being interested. I mean, really most days a blog post about that would look something like this:

Woke up. Watched a show with the girls. Thought about writing my book. Watched another show. Went to Chick-Fil-A. Went to the park. Came home and pretended The Magic School Bus is educational. Fell asleep watching said educational tv with the girls while thinking about maybe writing my book. Dinner. Baths. Castle re-run. Promise to write first page of book before I….oh….so….sleepy. Nights out.

So, yeah. I should shoot my tv. Right after the next Castle episode.

Over the past few months, for really the first time ever, I am doing more behind the scenes of this blog than on the face of it. When the girls wake up we do devotionals, rather than tv worship…mostly. I bought training shoes, so there are hopes of exercise in the future. And I am cooking dinner every night again…and yeah, I am counting quesadillas as cooking.

And finally, finally, I am actually writing that damn book.

I am busy and I find myself neglecting Meg in Progress, my firstborn. It isn’t fair. Baby deserves more. So my plan is to more evenly allocate my resources. For the next two months, with the exception of a toy guide series that will rock your socks off, I am going to be posting here Tuesday and Thursdays. The posts will continue to deal in womanhood and the everyday. I am especially excited about the prompts I was given from my Instagram community when I posted this question the other day.

Next week I will feature my first post on toys that empower our girls (a doll that will have you praising the can-do female goddesses) and the inaugural post on a series dealing with the issue of pornography.  And yeah, I hate that those two things are sitting in a sentence together, but that is the world currently live in.

In the meantime, have fun, do good, be happy, eat Chick-Fil-A. Rinse. Repeat.

I would love to hear from  you in the comments regarding my Instagram prompt. Or, you know, about anything and everything.

love, meg