There's no place like home

Margaret has insisted one wearing this pair of shoes every day this week. They have looked lovely with blue, clashed with orange and been worn at least twice over footie pajamas.
I tried to teach her to click her heels just like Dorothy. What the shoes lack in Oz sparkle, they make up for in shine. So, the clicking heels lesson commenced.
"Margaret! Say it with Mommy! There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home! Now click your heels!"
She ended up kicking herself in the ankle instead. HARD. This was followed by some crying accompanied by a somewhat justified sense of betrayal. I could see it in her eyes,"What kind of mom teaches her baby to kick herself in the leg FOR FUN?"
Ummm. This kind.
I guess some things are best left to Judy Garland. A tough lesson, but one that needs to be learned sooner rather than later.