On a Roll

Viola is our little rosebud. She is soft and delicate and and pink. She is also a little behind on the generally accepted how-to-grow-up-at-the-right-pace schedule. The darling girl is nearly six months old and just now fits into her three month old clothes. She seems unaware that she should be sleeping through the night. And the development of her gross motor skills doesn't seem to be a top priority.

As of Saturday she hadn't rolled over yet. As of Saturday, she was two whole months behind. As of Saturday, Riley and I were on the floor, rolling over very slowly in front of her over and over again. Look Viola! Isn't this great! Oh what is life without the desire to roll? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing at all.

It was pathetic.

And then yesterday, after I had given up and become sure I would be rolling my daughter from tummy to back to tummy and back again forever, it happened. Margaret and I were reading when Viola started the long journey to the other side. A lift of the arm, wiggle of the hips, lurch of the head. I put the book down and began to cheer.

VIOLA! You are doing it! Good girl! Margaret look at her! She is rolling over. There she goes...almost...almost....SHE DID IT! ZUZU, SHE DID IT!

I jumped and danced. Viola laughed and Margaret looked serious. I felt a tug on my skirt,


So I pulled Viola Honeypie into my arms and Margaret positioned herself on the blanket. Tummy down, head turned to the side. She looked at me with a just-wait-till-you-see-this smile. And then, a lift of the arm, wiggle of the hips, lurch of the head. Yes. My three year was demonstrating her ability to roll. And it was...odd.

Oh. Wow. Zuzu. Ummm. You are doing it! Good Zuzu. Look at that Viola! There she goes...almost...almost...SHE DID IT! VIOLA, SHE DID IT!

Margaret laid there with a look of triumph and superiority. She had sent Viola a message, That baby thought she could come into MY house and roll like she owned the place? Please. I have been flipping from tummy to back for years. Nice try, Viola. Nice.Try.

I picked her up and held on to both of my girls. We danced and, silly as it may seem, I rejoiced. I get to be here and cheer these girls on even when all they do is roll over. And in that moment, I couldn't think of anywhere I would rather be.