The Lost Party


I have a friend named Ashley. She creates beauty. I like her a lot.

Ashley has written and illustrated the loveliest, most whimsical, some life lessons really are that good children's book. It is called, The Lost Party.

The book begins with a stork that finds a party hat on the floor of the forest. He thinks the discovery of a party hat must mean he is invited to a party. (I mean, why not?) So he wanders the forest searching for the big event and picking up animal friends along the way. A deer who bakes cakes, banner carrying foxes, a raccoon with a bowlful of berries. The search continues until at last, in the center of the forest, they realize there must not have ever been a party after all. Disappointed, they all turn to go home when they are stopped by a wise, old owl.

"Don't we have all the makings of a party? Aren't we a fun and talented group of animals? We don't need anyone to make a party for us, we have our own right here!"

And there it is, the concept I hope my girls understand after all of our years together. We do not have to wait for wonderful things to happen, We are the makers of wonderful things. Everything we need is right here. Are you crying yet? Yeah, me too.

Here is a little bit from the Author herself,

My name is Ashley Mae Hoiland and before I fall asleep at night, I close my eyes and imagine myself on a book tour to elementary school classrooms all over the country.  In the vision I am wearing a red dress with a rounded collar and there are scrubby little faces looking up eagerly at me as I read my children's book to them.  When I am done reading, we all have a conversation about  writing and making and working hard, and then we do just that in a little workshop.  We read and write and make.  I am not under the impression that a children's book can change the world, but I am under the impression that we need to start somewhere, and with what we know how to do best.  
I've been working my hardest on The Lost Party, a children's book I've written and illustrated, and the support the book has already received from both friends and strangers makes me beam from ear to ear. My husband can tell I'm smiling even when we are just talking on the phone.  Our Kickstarter goal of $5,000 to publish the first edition of 1,000 books has been almost halfway reached and we want to keep it going so we can reach our goal and get those books published and into the paws of little people where ever we can.  For 10.00 on our Kickstarter page you can pre-order a signed copy of the book, and after that there are many extra "rewards" like family portraits, an original animal painting of your choice, giclee prints and books sent to classrooms of your choice.   Democracy is a fabulous tool and most great things happen by word of mouth, so feel free to spread news of this project through instagram, blogs, pinterest, twitter and your mouth.  Thank you!  
See more of Ashmae work at or ashmae.etsy 
Ashley's book is lovely and she is already half way to her goal. Want to be a part of the magic and get lots of Lost Party goodies to boot?  Go to The Lost Party Kickstarter Page and help make this party happen. Can't wait to see you there.