The Coolest Girl in School

Bloggers tend to get crushes on one another. It is like the internet is one big high school lunch room and oh my gash did Ms. So-and-So Design Blog of the Moment look over here? I think she did. How did my hair look? Do you think my current number of page views was too obvious? Maybe I should email her. Too forward. I could mention her in an Instagram of a picture of a recycled glass bottle collection she inspired! Oh, but I think I just did that last week. I KNOW!  Twitter...I will tweet her! Something witty about that last post she did on hair bands. Yes. That is perfect.


In school, I was the girl that ate lunch in the library.I had one best friend and when she was gone or horror of horrors our lunch schedules didn't match, it was that or the nurses office. So I ate and read. Yeah, that copy of Sense and Sensibility dotted with splotches of mustard? The one that every other lonely girl has checked out since I left  in 2003? That was my favorite lunch time read and that mustard was from my bologna sandwich. And yes, I ate bologna sandwiches in public and still couldn't figure out why I didn't have very many friends. Smart one over here. Anyways, long story a tiny bit shorter...high school was not my scene. Consequently, I try to stay out of the internet lunch room. Once in awhile I venture out the library, wipe the mustard off my face and find a blogger that is worth a little platonic twitterpation. You know, a cool girl that wears vintage clothes. And is funny. And smart! And maybe we could go shopping together! And do you think she wants to grab lunch at a blogger conference? I promise to avoid the bologna.

Please meet Miss Amber of Courtesy Laugh (if you haven't already...I mean, where have you been?)

Amber of Courtesy Laugh, the best friend you wish you had

She is insightful, well written and experiments with heavy doses of quirky. And yeah, I comment on nearly every single one of her posts and sure, after this homage to her she may be ready to call the police and report me as a stalker. I don't care. (True stalker speak there. They never care.)

A week ago I wrote a post about all this choosing adults are expected to do and that I didn't know how to and maybe I didn't really feel like it anyway. I am a wife and mother and I love (nearly) every aspect of what those realities entail. But I am also my own person, something apart from the labels I have acquired over the years. Each part of my life demands tribute and I am not always sure where I should put my energy. It is a dilemma greater women than I have overcome, but this girl is still working on it. Last week, Amber posted a video with a simple answer for my big question.

One minute of play time and everything was suddenly a little more focused. Genius.

Yeah, she is totally the coolest girl at school. You should go over to Courtesy Laugh and say hi. Tell her Meg sent you and that I think she is awesome and super pretty and maybe we should be friends and how does she get her hair to look that way and ..... well, you get the point.