That Kind

I mean what home is complete without a vintage hot pink salon chair and boa bedecked tree?

My mom is the kind of person that spends all of her Christmas money buying sold out Miley Cyrus tickets for a sick little girl because the illness has gotten worse. It was a dream come true for a five year old that never saw six. She is the kind of woman that gives a friend her new Marc Jacobs purse because she mentioned she liked it. Because every woman deserves something she wants now and then. She is the kind of mother that tells me I can do anything and shows up with a bag full of new clothes the times I try and it doesn’t work out. Somehow it is easier to try, try again in a new pair of jeans. She is the kind of grandmother that has a granddaughter’s room full of pink and flower and a vintage salon chair. She knows little girls just need a place to twirl and pretend and make fancy. She is the kind of person that (as much as the sentiment makes even Hallmark seem hardhearted) in so many ways, I hope to be.