Thanksgiving Giveaway. Hip Hip Hooray!

Tomorrow, I've got a serious post lined up. Today, we're doing a giveaway. Why?

Why the turkey not?

Listen. Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. If you are like me you are envisioning a picture perfect feast that would make Martha Stewart froth in envy. And, if you are like me, when Thanksgiving actually happens there will be two burned pies, one turkey that may or may not thaw in time and a bevy of children that seem to think the brussel sprouts they found in the fridge are really kind of smelly bouncy balls.


The last thing you need to be worrying about amongst all that mess is how your table decor is going to come together. Never fear...Meg is here. Now through Friday you can enter to win a free table setting package from Caravan Shoppe courtesy of yours truly. Yeah, just download, print and get ready to have the best looking place in town. My favorite is their Draw Together package. But listen, they're all great and I want you to take your pick.

And I'm gonna make the winning real easy.

Ways to enter

1. Leave a comment sharing a favorite Thanksgiving memory

2. Like Caravan Shoppe's Facebook page and leave a comment letting me know you "liked" it

3. Follow Caravan Shoppe on Instagram and leave a comment here letting me know you did it!

Giveaway will run until Friday night at midnight.