Take flight

So today I scheduled a post on pornography. But then Viola started throwing up late Tuesday night. And Zuzu wanted to read books while her sister slept away her flu yesterday. And then, I remembered today is Halloween. So we'll save that post till next week. It doesn't belong here right now.

I took the girls to our church Halloween party on Tuesday.

It was held in a big room with cupcakes and chili and games for all the kids. Viola ran around touching all the girls in princess costumes while shouting,


She also tried to scalp a little girl dressed as Rapunzel. Baby girl wanted that braid and she wanted it bad.

Zuzu took a more measured approach. Her dress was fifteen dollars of gold and pink, but I think she felt like a real fairy princess.  She is growing into her girlhood and I saw the first steps of insecurity as she scanned the room, looking for friends, uncertain of where she belonged. I hated it. My youth was full of big rooms that didn't seem to hold a space for me. I don't know if any of us can prevent those feelings for our children, but I try. I am doing my damndest to help her know she belongs wherever she wants to be. After a few minutes, she did find her place and her friends and her excitement. She ran from one corner of the room to the other, all sequins and polyester and giggles. Her dress trailed behind her and I wished the wings I put on her that night were made of more than tulle and sparkle.