What To Wear When You're Feeling Fat

When I feel fat, I go glam. Photo by  Heather Mildenstein.

Today, I am doing a guest post on The Alison Show in a series called What to Wear When Your Feeling Fat. And yeah, she knows the title of the series is not touchy-feely politically correct, and no, she doesn't care. Have I mentioned that I love Alison? Read the first half of the post here and then go check out The Alison Show for the full outfit and Let's Get Happy! conclusion.

So many mornings in my house...

It’s nine am and the dishes in the kitchen sink are starting to smell like a fourth grade science fair. The kids are already watching TV and I may or may not have just eaten a package of Starburst for breakfast. I feel foggy and fat. This may have something to do with DORA THE EXPLORER! blaring in the background and that second helping of juicy fruit flavored candy. (Okay, I lied. It was really the third helping.)

I have only been up for three hours and I am already upset and ready for the day to be over. Conventional wisdom says that a day like this should be spent in some sort of circa 1998 J.Lo sweatsuit. Something forgiving, that breathes and moves with my Starburst flavored sighs.

Conventional wisdom lies.

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Head on over to The Alison Show to find out about The Conventional Wisdom Conspiracy! (There totally is one) And what does Meg look like when gardening? (Like I ever garden) And will she ever stop eating Starburst? (No)

All of that AND MORE (well, mostly just that) can be found today at THE ALISON SHOW!

See you there.