Oh Hey, Monday. (Let's do this.)

This is not an accurate representation of my weekly to do list. (What the heck is an extra-special bath?)

Someone once told me to start each Monday with an act of service. They said it was the perfect way to kick start a week. I am sure that's correct. However, generally Monday comes and my kick start demands something more chemical based and infused with caffeine. I'd like to be better, but I'm not.

Sometimes I wake up at the beginning of the week and feel time stretch in front of me and press down upon me. A whole week that I must fill with the necessary and the praiseworthy. It is all too much and I generally turn on a movie for the girls and read incendiary articles across the internet until my heart calms down. This morning isn't too different. The girls are watching Barbie and the Pearl Mermaid, a movie that I am certain must be an overt exercise in nihilism. It is chilling. I am reading up on the latest BLM vs rancher controversy in Nevada. We all may or may not have had ritz crackers and peanut butter for breakfast.

But somewhere between the crackers and the first flip of that mermaid's tail, I've found my perspective shifting. In antiquity, seven was a symbol for wholeness or completeness.  The Hebrew root word means "to have enough", "to be full". It's an interesting concept. Maybe the next seven days do not demand from me, maybe what I do to fill them, no matter what it is, is enough. Perhaps just living through seven days at a time with an open and willing heart is how we move to that fulfilled wholeness we all seem to seek.

Here's to the next seven days. May there be some learning, some service, some hope, some sleep and some HGTV. (And yeah, even one more viewing of that damn Barbie movie.)

And lots and lots of caffeine.