Good To Know

A few things I learned this week.

Stand up for childhood.

So many of the things we take for granted are the fondest hopes of mothers in other parts of the world. For my children, vaccinations are a ten minute drive and a co-pay away. For so many other children, vaccinations are the life saving intervention they never received. Today is Shot@Life's first birthday. Shot at Life is an organization that works to "protect children worldwide by providing life-saving vaccines where they are most needed".  If you live in Utah go to any one of these Sweet Tooth Fairy locations to discuss what is being done locally to promote global health and you will get a free cupcake. I know. Saving babies AND cupcakes? Your cup(cake) runneth over.

Provo (1227 South University Avenue) (East Bay)
Draper (101 East 12300 South) (Draper Peaks)
Murray (5921 South State Street) (The Point @5300)
West Valley (3599 South 2700 West) (Valley Fair Mall)

I've written about vaccinations before and it was the source of some serious hate mail. However, I think it bears repeating. Read it here.

This little pneumonia face is beginning to feel better. Barely.

The promise of a date night is the only way to get through a long, hard, sick ridden week. That date night is happening today or tomorrow. And there will be a mediocre movie featuring Tom Cruise along with a big cheeseburger from Five Guys. (update: Zuzu walked into the room with a raging fever just moments after I wrote this. So date night will be a carton of coffee ice cream and the last episode of BBC's Sherlock. It could be worse.)

I am proud of her dragon hunting skills. But then I would be.

There are some achievements in my children's lives that will never, ever make me proud. Zuzu came up to me with my phone yesterday,

"Hey mom! Oh my goodness. I totally forgot! Yesterday, I took a video of myself cleaning my face with my tongue! Isn't that hilarious. You have to watch it! It's so funny and amazing!"

I watched and laughed at her, not with her. Because I am a good parent like that. Also, how much must she have loved that blue lollipop?

That's my girl.

Have an amazing, so good you lick it clean, weekend.