Paint it, Paint it Good

Taken a few days ago. On a day when I had not decided to self implode into a can of Sherwin Williams high gloss paint. Don't we look so happy? I can almost remember what that felt like. Almost.

Today, I am attempting to paint the girl's room a Camelot blue. So far the three of us have spent the morning taping the  damn darn thing. Which really means that Zuzu put tape all over the window panes, I put it along the trim and Viola took down six inches of tape for every foot I put up.

If that isn't the perfect example of most of motherhood I don't know what is.

They have been watching Sid the Science kid for the past twenty minutes. I should break out the paint and brush but instead I am sitting in the hallway re-evaluating my current mental wellness. Surely, some part of me realizes that cracking open that paint can will mean a day of chaos, tears and carpet spilled blue. I wish I could find that part of me and tell it to speak up. As it is, crazy meg is the only one left here today and as soon as I hit "publish" she will return to the fray.

Wish me luck.