Shakespeare, Oh Shakespeare

Thank you for every loving word, email and comment that was sent my way after Monday's post. I am so darn lucky to have all of you in my life.

the legendary shakepeare and company in paris

Today is Shakespeare's birthday. If he had been cryogenically frozen and then reanimated this morning, he would be 450 years old. It seems like such a long time, but in the space of humanity it is really just a blink. More people have had to live without midsummer night dreams and roses that would smell as sweet than those of us who have lived with them.

It's a shame.

Listen, none of us are Shakespeare. I've tried to weave words into gold and mostly, I've ended up with pyrite.


We are all stewards of language, possessors of the same vocabulary Shakespeare crafted into cadence and meaning. There is so much power wielded by the words we hold common even as they are the means with which we communicate needs, hopes and dreams with ourselves and others.

Today I hope we take extra care and creativity in the way we speak, write and communicate. Let's dedicate ourselves to the alchemy of language and renew our spirits with the carefully chosen words of others.

The Bard, I think, would approve.