New Mexico Moon

Ansel Adams liked New Mexico

Yesterday, a good portion of my family piled into my parent's excursion and drove the fourteen hours from Utah to Las Cruces, New Mexico. By "good portion" you may think I may mean a couple of grandkids and an adult or two. In this instance, that phrase really means one great grandparent, two grandparents, Riley, me, two grandkids and one 12 year old tea cup poodle. The inside of the car looked like an ad for a bad family comedy...but it actually worked. The girls watched movies. Riley and I read. My grandpa talked when he could hear us and sometimes when he couldn't. My parents teased and bantered and bought hamburgers for everyone. It was nice.

If you've never been to New Mexico, I encourage you to make the trip someday. The light is different down here. I must not be the only one that feels that way as this little state has played host to so many big artists. A different moon is waiting for me here. It stands apart from the inked out sky in a way that my moon in Utah can't seem to understand. Tonight as we motored along two lane highways I looked out the window and felt reassured by that soft bright curve in the sky. At one point, I turned to Viola to show her its shine, but she was already asleep. I wanted to cup the luminescence in my hands and give it to her when she woke up. Instead, I had to settle for the little bit that played across her cheek through the window.

When the car was so quiet and there was only an hour left to drive, the radio started playing Patsy Cline's "Crazy". I whispered the words in between my sleeping girls, Riley hummed along and my parents sang together in the front seats. The lyrics floated across the inside of our car and I wondered if Ms. Cline knew her voice would live on so much longer than the body made it ring. That voice and the moon and the people around me I would not lose for even an instant, not if I could find a way.

It was a little moment, small enough to fit in my pocket. But I fell into it and blessed the stars for allowing me the pleasure. And one more verse to sing all together.