Like A Broken Vessel

Over the weekend, the LDS faith gathered in church buildings, conference centers and around TVs throughout the world. They heard messages of doctrine, hope and faith. Each one from a slightly different perspective in a religion that allows more freedom of thought than even most of its adherents know. The kids pretended to watch the proceedings and Riley and I only slept through one out of ten talks. Not too shabby. There were two addresses in particular that struck me. The first was by Dieter F Uchtdorf. It was a talk about the challenges of being LDS and the inclusive love we should have for those inside and outside the faith. I encourage you to watch it here. The second talk, by Jeffrey R Holland, was a revelation. It was so much of what I know to be true put into words of an elevated nature. It is a talk that exists outside of the confines of my faith. Applying to and lifting up anyone, anywhere, that has struggled to through mists they did not seek. Mental illness is something that each woman will deal with directly or indirectly in the course of her life. If she has not suffered from PPD or depression, then she knows and loves someone that has. It is present in my family and occasionally visits us with breathtaking force. Women, girls, sisters! Please know that in the darkness you are not alone. That you can and, even should, seek help. That depression is a medical condition, not a character flaw.

And if it helps, even a little, know that I have been there. And emerged into the light. And will be there again. And will find the light even then. And so will you.

Some of you may be thinking...Feminism on Monday? Depression today? Where are my funny meg in progress posts about embarrassing moments and all the reasons kids are both awesome and lame? (And there are so many reasons.) I promise this blog will return to its regularly scheduled program of lightheartedness on Friday. Until then, I hope this helps. It certainly helped me.

I formatted this vid myself and the quality isn't super excellent. For a better version, go here.

Looking for a resource, a caring third party to help you through your time of need? I am a fan of The Healing Group. It could be a good place to start.