Holding this thought today. Beautifully handlettered by Eva of Sycamore Street Press.


I loved a few of the posts I saw on social media yesterday. Lovely bits of holiness sprinkled across the top of Easter Sunday. One of my favorites came from Margaret Young, a professor at BYU,

"I miss Easter bonnets. One woman wore a pretty bonnet to church, but everyone else was bonnet-less. Let us bring back the tradition! I always bought bonnets for my daughters, and new clothes for my children. I would put a scripture next to the clothes: "Awake and arise from the dust and put on thy beautiful garments." There is sweet symbolism in new clothes for Easter."

What if we treated each new day like Easter Sunday? Awake and arise from the dust on this Monday morning, dear friends.

Viola spent the last three days acting like a horse. She neighed and galloped and pretended to eat grass from the ground. It was adorable. And odd. Just the way any daughter of mine should be.

On the way home from my mom's house, Riley turned to me and looked over my hair.

"I've been thinking. You should do a really short pixie cut. I think you would look really nice."

And now all I can think about is the sheer joy of having hair that basically does itself. Maybe I should buy some earrings? And a new lipstick? And...what if I, you know, dyed all that short hair a lovely lavender? These are questions for the ages, friends.

I am having a hard time. I worry about writing about it too much in this space. You have all become such good friends and even good friends tire of the pain of others. I hope to find the balance between honesty about present circumstance and maintaining an uplifting dialogue here.

I am making an appointment with a therapist today. That should help. (Let's be more open to asking for help.)

Happy Monday.