This week has been a full one. Riley’s grandpa died last weekend. The funeral is tomorrow and we’ve spent the past week with family. It has been a good use of a tender time. I so fiercely love the people that make up my life. The three souls that share my days, every day, are surely distilled from the most precious materials in the heavens. I can feel the edge of their greatness even through the tantrums and tedium.

I have made many feeble attempts to document our time together, here in writing and every day in little, quickly taken pictures. Taken together, they are an inadequate monument to this thing we have undertaken together. But it is what I have and I will treasure it.

Here are just a few of the moments captured the past week on that little scrapbook we call Instagram.

This last one was taken in the dark. Right before watching Hunger Games. Which we did not like. (I don't know whats wrong with us either.)

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