Want to see (or buy it) for yourself? Head to the Beehive Bazaar this weekend.

I saw a beautiful painting by Leslie Duke at a local arts and crafts show yesterday. All colors of the earth and the work of hands unseen.

Called "Groundwork", to me (and I know it affects everyone differently, art is multidimensional that way), it was a poignant tribute to the place most of us find ourselves most of the time. Generally we are up to elbows in the dirt and work of mortality. It is not a glamorous work and the results of our exertions are not generally exotic. I think sometimes we discount our groundwork because it doesn't produce fruits that sparkle. Please, let's think deeper. Like the onions in that crate, the results of our daily works give savor and dimension to the varied pursuits of our lives.

Honor your the work of your day to day to day. Get its dirt under your nails and let it flavor the high places as well as the low. You are cultivating goodness even when you cannot see it for all the sweat and tears and tired.

I promise.