Gathering Place

Yesterday, Kate Kelly was threatened with excommunication from the LDS Chuch because of her agitation for female ordination. In the end, LDS people believe excommunication is an act of love. It isn't forever and it isn't punishment. I don't know Sister Kelly's heart or the many personal facts around her case. Her cause is not my cause. But her heart is my sister’s heart. After a long night, here are a few things I know.

We are all fallible.

Truth is unbending and universal. It does not refract well through the limited minds of man.

There is more to know and we are all seeking it. It is a hard thing to fault the seeker when they stumble.

The part may not represent the whole, but the whole cannot be complete without it.

Truth deserves transparency. We’ve got to be more than honest about systems, finances, fears, hopes, goals, requirement and redemption. We’ve got to be absolutely, positively translucent.

Questions lead to answers.

There is a beauty and a terror in the LDS practice of lay people administering over, and ministering to, one another. The decisions made in little rooms by men and women, who are doing their best, do not decidedly represent the gospel. It is difficult to wrap our heads around this big theology that must be represented by different people, different hearts, different rooms. A struggle even. But I've caught shines of brilliance in those little rooms, too. They have helped to make the struggle something I’m willing to survive.

Mistakes are often the fruit of good intentions.

This gospel isn’t about rules, it’s about redemption.

The role of women in both mortality and eternity has not been made clear. This is not the fault of our Heavenly Parents. The burden of revelation rests on our unwilling shoulders. Until that clarity is sought and given, the void will be filled with all the voices that are upraised in pain, hope, anger, happiness and dismay. I like that cacophony better than the silence.

There are diamonds in our past and dust in our present. It’s time to start polishing.

And finally. And most beautifully. We are ALL the church. And the best, most healing, most Christ-like thing any of us can do throughout the tempest ahead is to love. To forgive. To seek understanding. Not only of the people that we seek to defend, but also of the people we seek to defend against. We are all hurt. We all hurt.

Thank God and His Son, we are also all gathered in.

No matter what.

This is not my testimony of the gospel. That can be found here.

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