Swipe it out

Next time, we're flying.

Riley and I on our way to California, stuck in traffic just outside of Vegas:

Riley: It's our fault. Who tries to drive through this part of Nevada on a Sunday afternoon? Of course it's a parking lot. Hey can you get on the phone and see how far the traffic jam goes?

Me: Okay.

Five minutes later

Riley: So...how are things going over there? Figured it out yet? Need me to do it?

Me: I don't need help. You asked me to do it. I will do it.

Five more minutes.

Riley: throat clearing

Me: Fine! Well, I tried Googling it. And then that didn't really work because the only results were about traffic in Vegas. So then I went to the app store and tried to download a traffic app. But it is taking forever. My next move is to look up newscasts from Vegas and LA and hope that they mention this mess.

A beat of silence.

Riley: Or you could just go on google maps and see how far the red line goes past where we are.

Me: What? That exists?

Riley: You didn't want any help.

Me: Well, alright...it goes pretty far past where we are...but I am not seeing a way to tell how much red line equals a mile. When I swipe across the screen it takes about four thumb swipes to get out of traffic. I would say they are relatively long thumb swipes, if that helps any.

Riley: Yep. Fifteen minutes to figure we were just four thumb swipes from getting out of traffic. We make a really good team.

Postscript: 4 thumbswipes ended up being 45 minutes.