Three Ways to Give Your Daughters the Self-Esteem You Wish You Had

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be on ABC's Good Things Utah to talk about three ways we can teach our young daughters to have the kind of self-esteem that is so high it hits the clouds. I think as mothers the thought of instilling the things we lack into our daughters seems so daunting. How can I teach her to value her voice, love her body, feel her strength when so often I falter in doing those things myself? I guess the answer to that question is one of my favorite aspects of motherhood. As you teach her, you also teach yourself. And my oh my - it is a beautiful thing.

PS. I cannot speak highly enough of the Lottie Dolls featured in this segment. I want to yell about them from every rooftop. I've taught my daughter their tagline like it is her very own mantra, Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. Find them here.

Tune in Monday for my last thoughts of the year. (Literally, I plan to stop thinking from the 24th to the 31st. Mama needs a break.)

A Call to Womanhood: Breast Rhymes with Best

What if our love, and the way we each individually display it, is enough?

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to discuss the ever controversial subject of breastfeeding on Good Things Utah. I've written about my experiences with breastfeeding before in my article How to Be a Good Mother. I am sure I will write about it again...when I am brave enough to dodge the angry comments and disappointed emails.

For now a clip of the interview. And a request. Please, girls. Be gentle with yourselves. You are doing a good job. Your hearts are in the right place. You are what your children need.



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