A Call to Womanhood: A Mother There

Holy Women Near The Tomb by Maurice Denis

Note: Latter Day Saints believe they have a Heavenly Mother as well as a Heavenly Father. They believe the family unit is eternal and that “As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be.”  Read more about it here.  Don’t worry, I totes won’t write about the doctrinal issues of my tiny church again for a long time. Or at least, not in the next week or two. 

I’m heartsick and I’m frustrated and I’m fed up and I’m empathetic and I’m ready for everyone to figure out the things that I was lucky enough to be raised to know. My emotions aren’t consistent and they certainly aren’t always fair or understanding.  I guess emotion isn't as rational as well, rationality. But holy hell, I am ready for men and women to understand who they are so that we can move on to the next part of our work together.

I am bruised for girls who think they need male companionship to be valid. I am hurt for women that don’t feel they are the greater part of God’s plan. I ache for mothers that believe their contribution is too little. I am broken for women that are told real womanhood can only be embodied through the birth of child. I am on fire for the angry and in the shadows with the offended. I am sick to death of the victimhood - real and imagined. I am shocked by the women that push down and disheartened by the ones that will not lift up. I can feel us wallowing when we are supposed to be illuminating.  It is enough. It is too much. It is time for something different.

My goodness, aren’t we all just so ready for something different?

I had a long talk with a new friend the other day about the state of womanhood. We both came to the same conclusion - Perhaps it is too late for the martyrs that fall down behind us and in front of us, but maybe, just maybe our daughters will be saved that unique ache that so often finds each of us. Perhaps if we raise our daughters with an understanding of their birthright, they won’t feel the pressure to be less.

Our birthright.

Why is it never discussed in the bright places the way it was around my kitchen table?

We have a Heavenly Mother.

Do you know what that means? It means God is incomplete without Her. It means that God is He and She. She is more than a lyric in a softly sung song. She is a Creator and a Comforter. She is Alpha and Omega. She is a partner in eternity. She is vital and sanctifying.

She has not been put away. She is not in need of protection. She is not quiet. She is in our scriptures, She is in our revelation, She is in our hearts. She is not jealous. We do not take away from Her when we turn to Heavenly Father, just as He does not become less when She succors Her children. My goodness, They must shake their heads in gentle confusion and cluck softly at our inability to enhance one another as They do so beautifully.

Sisters, we are not raised up through mortality to be consorts to Gods. We are raised up to be Gods. Sometimes when I close my eyes and open my heart, I can feel the power of our future exalted selves emanating back through eternity to this place that smudges and smirks.

Do you know what a God-to-be doesn’t do? She doesn’t let men treat her poorly because that’s just they way it is. She doesn’t accept unacceptable companionship because she is lonely. She doesn’t denigrate her heart or her work. She doesn’t curse her body or her spirit. She doesn’t think she is less than anybody on this good green earth. She doesn’t ask for permission to be the person she is meant to become. She doesn’t hurt her sisters. She doesn’t stop learning and she sure as hell never stops loving. She doesn’t apologize for her strength and she isn’t ashamed of her weaknesses. She doesn't stop seeking and she doesn't stop hoping.

There is so much work for us to do and it is high time we let ourselves get our hands dirty doing it.

We must act in love. We must act in confidence. We must open our minds and accept our expanded horizons. We must free ourselves of the shackles of self-importance and self-hatred. It is time to weep with one another. It is time to push ourselves away from the table of worldly preconceptions and cultural sentiment. Our work is grand and infused with the power of God. We do not need to wait for appointment or consecration. The authority is already placed upon our heads. We must look towards a Heavenly Mother that loves and work for a world that needs.

Our birthright demands it.

Women are spiritual giants. Read this piece from an address I gave earlier this year.