Light The World

The North Star by Alphonse Mucha, 1902

There are some moments when I am able to see the world with complete and unflinching awe. Just an instant when I feel like a child, the little girl that couldn't believe the stars were really too far away to touch. I most often come by these instants of tender mercy when I am outside alone or reading late into a dark night.

Currently, I am reading The God Who Weeps, a book with the premise that "God has a heart that beats in sympathy with human hearts, feeling our joy and sorrowing over our pains." When I finish the book I will write more about the impressions it has left across my mind, but for now I will share just a little something it's pages gave me yesterday.

"The stuff of our physical bodies is almost immeasurably old. 'We are made of material created and ejected into the Galaxy by the violence of earlier stars,' writes one physicist.'The iron atoms in our blood carrying oxygen at this moment to our cells came largely from exploding white dwarf stars, while the oxygen itself came mainly from from exploding supernovas...and most of the carbon..came from planetary nebulas, the death clouds of middle-size stars."

You are made of the stuff that lights the world and touches the sky. There is nothing you cannot do.

Happy Monday.