Matt Townsend Date Night Giveaway

Listen, you know I am pretty passionate about the whole making marriages better thing. From transparency my marriage has faced to encouraging everyone to just show a little tenderness, I do what I can. Here is the thing, I'm not an expert and once in awhile, no matter how good our marriages are, we can all use the happy advice of an expert.

Enter Dr. Matt Townsend, relationship expert extraordinaire.

I get to be a guest on his Sirius XM radio show every week and in the months I've worked with him, I've learned some important things about Matt. He has a way of talking about serious things in a way that makes you double over laughing, he truly cares about the people he helps and he is creative in his very applicable solutions and suggestions. Just last month he hosted a group of married people on a cruise through the Caribbean. He gave presentations and worked with each couple personally. It was a fantastic experience for everyone and let's just say that by the end of the cruise the bloom was back on all those roses.

This Friday is hosting a Valentine's Date Night. A brand new segment in his Date Night series, Friday's event will be all about keeping the magic alive in your marriage. With advice and ideas based on his latest research, Matt will have the crowd thinking, laughing and then (probably) pulling over to make out in the car their way home. This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift. It's time to put the bloom back on the rose and I am hap-hap-happy to make it happen for one lucky couple for free. (Yes, free!)

Afraid you won't win or want to cement those Valentine's plans RIGHT NOW? With the coupon code, Meg, you'll get 50% off per couple! That takes the price of a couple's ticket from $50 to $25! Amazing! And probably the cheapest, best Valentine's gift you ever did give.

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