Deck The Halls with Diapers

Sometimes in the midst of Christmas shopping and cookie baking and sugar plum fairying, I stop and realize that the life I live is one blessed and bountiful and so different from the lives of so many others. There are so many homes with pantries that need food, trees that need gifts, parents that need reassurance. The immense need can feel overwhelming to the point that it almost paralyzes my better instincts. What can I do in the face of so much want? How can I truly help? Where do I begin?

Thankfully, for you and I, people like Elle Rowley of Solly Baby find the places that need us most and open the doors so that all of our good intentions and good hopes can pour in. This year Solly Baby is donating one package of diapers to families in need for every wrap purchased. In a house where the baby is new and the finances are strained, the donation of even one package of diapers can make a difference. It means more money for food, medicine and other life essentials you and I take so for granted. Already have a Solly Wrap or don't currently need one? No problem. Just email me and I will send you a paypal donation form. It's time to give some babies clean, dry bums and help a few mamas sleep better tonight.

Let's begin.

Head over to Solly Baby to find out more!