Dance Me

Sing it, sister. Missing the Dance Because You Were Sick by Norman Rockwell.

Today is a sick day. Viola Honey is on day three of some sort of throat/nose apocalypse. The draining happening in her face region is enough to warrant a visit from the CDC or FEMA. Of course, I think they would be too inefficient and rife with corruption to deal with something of this scale. So the task is left up to mama. Like, always.


I was feeling discouraged this morning. My family is sick, you know, all the time. I am ready for a week without a house wide pajama day. The sun is shining and I have places I want to go. I don't want to miss the dance.

But today I am trying to be alright with the pace of my life, even when that means indoor couch time and Wreck it Ralph on repeat.

Also helping all that I will never get anything done as long as my kids are petri dishes of infection anxiety? A keep it chill mix of oh so lovely music. This song gets it started..

The Civil Wars performing Leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the End of Love

Ah. Better.