Three Hippity Hop Happy Easter Books


Easter is just a few days away and there is still snow on the ground. No matter, we have been reading Easter books for weeks now and their pastel colors have painted our world.

A few of our favorites:


The Golden Egg Book

Margaret Wise Brown understood children. She understood the world they inhabit, one with bright colors that run into one another and nights so long they might not end. Her stories are full of the simple and the grounded. Each one a recited lullaby that captures the joy of childhood while soothing the fears. The Golden Egg Book is no different. A story of a lonely bunny and a little egg. As I read it to my girls each night I hope they learn that they never know where they might find a friend. And that they never have to be alone.

The Black Rabbit

A simple story about a little rabbit afraid of his shadow. There is a game of hide and seek across meadows and rivers and into a deep dark forest. Twists and turns and a wolf with big teeth and fast feet. Until finally, the rabbit discovers that sometimes the things that we cannot leave behind are the ones that give us the most strength.

The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes

I have written about this book before. I love it. Adore it. Cry with breaking voice every time I read it. A lovely little story about a lovely big thing. Because I believe what this story teaches with my whole ever lovin' heart. That mother's are important. That our homes are our best work. That we can find joy and accomplishment outside of them if we wish. And that when we do, we can return to our hearth and babies with our arms full and our hearts ready for another day.