5 Ways to Treat Yourself for Under $5

Because my life looks like this never.

Some days are absolutely painted rainbow fantastic. Other days, you unwittingly walk around with egg in your hair from the breakfast your one year old threw at you. Just a scrambled tidbit that sits atop your head until four o’clock when the nice old lady in the grocery line plucks it out and hands it to you. Mmmm. Crunchy. This post is for those other days. The hours that are long and would be made better by a little color, a treat, a trip from the ordinary. The days that need a tiny something to help you remember it is good to be here, even when you are covered in day old egg. Maybe especially when you are covered in day old egg.

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Under $5

1. Buy a lovely card, fill it with pretty words and give it to a good friend.

Hello, Fox by Sycamore Street Press. $4.50

When I am dulled by the doldrums, being unexpectedly kind to someone is the fastest way to make myself feel better. There is something healing and exciting about looking out of oneself for the happiness of someone else. So I take myself to the cutest local store and buy their most expensive single card. Then I think good thoughts and use a good pen to write them all down for someone I know very well or hardly at all. I love leaving a crisp envelope with looping writing in a mailbox, just waiting to be discovered. It is hard to feel worthless when you have a made a difference in someone else's day. Even if that difference can fit into a little blue envelope.

2. Get yourself some red lipstick. Wear it like you mean it.

Kate by Rimmel London. Just under $5 at Walmart.

Oh the healing power of drugstore lipstick!

A woman with red lips is the kind of woman that can pick up the pieces of a day and make it what she needs it to be. She is the kind of woman that does not let circumstance dictate her outlook. She is the kind of woman that knows tomorrow is another day. I know what you are thinking...All of that from a tube of red goop? To which I reply,

Hell, Yes.

The Alison Show has a fantastic piece on The Best Drugstore Lipsticks. This woman knows what she is talking about. If I were you, I would listen to her.

3. Bring home a succulent, pot it in an empty salsa container, marvel at your awesomeness.  

Lovely succulent in a can idea from Cake. 

There is something delightfully renewing about introducing a new plant to your same old space. I love succulents because they will survive under the harshest conditions (ahem, my ever loving care) and are small enough to add to any space. And you can find them for as low as $2 a piece.

4.Buy a chocolate bar of luxurious provenance.

Mast Brothers Chocolate $12

Okay. Confession. This is my favorite chocolate bar and it rings in at an astounding $12. I know. But! Finding myself in possession of a Mast Brothers chocolate is a rare thing, indeed. I generally make one chocolate bar last for three days. And if my 2nd grade math skills serve me right, that is a mere $4 a day. So....under $5? Ahem. The point here is that it is a little luxury just for you. Any chocolate that you think is nice enough to hide from your children will do here. When the kids are screaming and the house is a mess, break off a piece of a cacao masterpiece, lock yourself in the bathroom and let that chocolate melt in your mouth. A few moments of transport. Dearly bought and dearly deserved.

5. Purchase a new song. Go on a drive. Play on repeat. 

The power of music! The joy of a well written ballad, bad 90's pop and hipster bluegrass fusion. Roll the windows down, turn the volume up and sing until there isn't any room for insecurities, bad feelings or maybe-I-should-haves. My current favorite for long drive rock outs is an oldie but goodie by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Medicine. Oh, sing it Grace baby.

Of course, succulents and discount lipstick can only go so far. Sometimes the fastest way to get over a bad day is to remember there is a tomorrow. And that it will be brighter than today because it can be.

What To Wear When You're Feeling Fat

When I feel fat, I go glam. Photo by  Heather Mildenstein.

Today, I am doing a guest post on The Alison Show in a series called What to Wear When Your Feeling Fat. And yeah, she knows the title of the series is not touchy-feely politically correct, and no, she doesn't care. Have I mentioned that I love Alison? Read the first half of the post here and then go check out The Alison Show for the full outfit and Let's Get Happy! conclusion.

So many mornings in my house...

It’s nine am and the dishes in the kitchen sink are starting to smell like a fourth grade science fair. The kids are already watching TV and I may or may not have just eaten a package of Starburst for breakfast. I feel foggy and fat. This may have something to do with DORA THE EXPLORER! blaring in the background and that second helping of juicy fruit flavored candy. (Okay, I lied. It was really the third helping.)

I have only been up for three hours and I am already upset and ready for the day to be over. Conventional wisdom says that a day like this should be spent in some sort of circa 1998 J.Lo sweatsuit. Something forgiving, that breathes and moves with my Starburst flavored sighs.

Conventional wisdom lies.

Want to keep reading?

Head on over to The Alison Show to find out about The Conventional Wisdom Conspiracy! (There totally is one) And what does Meg look like when gardening? (Like I ever garden) And will she ever stop eating Starburst? (No)

All of that AND MORE (well, mostly just that) can be found today at THE ALISON SHOW!

See you there.