It is time for the obligatory give thanks blog post. Something all schmoopy and full of kind thoughts and good wishes. Here is the thing. I feel pretty schmoopy and kindly and full of good wishes. Yesterday was a good day. Viola only broke two glasses when she knocked over a stack of six and Zuzu reminded me – twice- that just because she doesn’t like something, doesn’t mean she hates it. And then after Riley got home we ate Shepherd’s Pie made with double the recommended amount of mashed potatoes. I felt like it was a successful day.

As a woman, wife and eater of bacon I have oh so many things for which to be thankful. But today, for just a moment I am going to focus on the moments over the past few days that have made me thankful that I am a mother to two of the bluest eyed girls in this whole wide world.

I am grateful for:

  • The moment yesterday when Zuzu informed me the moon is, in fact, a girl. Because something about that (admittedly pagan) assumption makes me think that maybe I am actually teaching her how powerful a woman can be. Somehow it seems that if she thinks the moon is female and can light up the night, then she won’t have any question about what SHE can do as a woman. Or, you know, something all women’s studies and touchy feely like that.
  • The sound Viola makes when she is eating something she really loves. A deep and emphatic MMMMMM! over and over again, followed by the exclamation point of licked lips.
  • Margaret’s love of all things POT PIE! I can call anything with meat and sauce a pot pie and she will eat it. Consequently, in the past week we have had Chicken and Rice POT PIE!, Beef and Marinara Sauce POT PIE! and Chicken, Stuffing and Broccoli POT PIE! I don’t know what the poor girl will do when she actually has pot pie for the first time. I will probably have to call it something else entirely. Chicken with a lid?
  • The pride on Viola’s face when she takes one step and then another and another until she bumps into the ground bottom first. It is a monumental thing, watching my baby right herself and walk halfway across a room. Because I know my little walking wonder and I are not so different. Both of us, just trying to hold ourselves up and walk one step at a time. If she can get back up, so can I.

My favorite part of this season with my growing little babies has been discovering what makes them happy and grateful. Viola doesn’t talk much but so far I think she is grateful for pea soup, her big sister and a daddy that makes her laugh. When I asked Margaret what she is grateful for she said DISNEY MOVIES! PRINCESSES! DINOSAUR MUSEUM! COLORS! SAUSAGES! MUSIC! POT PIE! And I mean, who could argue with any of those?

This year we are going to start a new tradition. I am obsessed with everything that comes out of The Caravan Shoppe and could not contain my turkey induced excitement when I saw Caravan’s Give Thanks Poster, a huge 16x20 piece of Thanksgiving delight. We are going to hang it near the head of our table this year and while everyone is waiting for the feast to begin, they are going to write the things they are thankful for on all those big white leaves. I fully expect Penelope Cruz to make an appearance at least once. (17 year old brother I am looking at you.)

Want to see all the things your family is grateful for captured on something frameworthy? The Give Thanks poster is a happy little download that comes with PLACE MATS! CIRCLE ART! A TURKEY GOBBLE, GOBBLE POSTER! All for $5! And that huge poster? The one that will capture all the gratitude of a year? You can print it at Staples for just six little dollars.

Give Thanks, indeed.