I Have Confidence

This post brought to you by the eighty year old inside of me that has been dying to get out since I was three. And yeah, she likes Gene Kelly and things with raisins in them. What's it to you?

Rodgers and Hammerstein isn't all dance and twirl. Sometimes it is laying down next to the extra heater and falling asleep until the snow stops falling.

Zuzu has been watching The Sound of Music in one week long, dirndl filled loop. We hide inside from the snow and she skips around the family room with her arms wide open because MOMMY! THE HILLS ARE ALIVE! Viola runs around after her giggling and whooping. The floors are unswept and my three year old doesn't know the difference between 'w' and 'y' (Wah and Yah are tricky sons of guns) but my goodness, she knows her Rodgers and Hammerstein. At least we have our priorities in order.

I am getting over a good old fashioned case of influenza and have been able to join in on the girls movie musical education. I remember watching Maria on her hilltops when I was just a little older than Zuzu. At that age, all the frothy dresses and talk of sixteen going on seventeen left me twirling and singing. This time around I still love the frothy dresses but I thank the heavens that I am on the other side of seventeen. There is still plenty of twirling and singing. (I am not a robot, after all.) It wasn't until the second day and third viewing (yeah, that math is as pathetic as it sounds) that I sat long enough to watch Maria sing, I Have Confidence. It is the best pep talk in musical motion picture history. She has just been sent off to be a governess for a captain with seven children. It is her first time out in the world and she is ill prepared, terrified and wearing a potato sack of a dress. The song starts out all worry and quiet and then builds into skipping bursts of confidence and can do. I started crying about the time Maria starts swinging her suitcases around like a madwoman on a lonely dirt lane.

Viola sat up and touched my wet cheeks and Zuzu stopped waving her hands in the air long enough to grab my hand,

"Mommy! What is wrong?"

"Oh, nothing! I am just so happy we live in a world where we can do anything! Did you know you can do anything?"

"Ummm. Yeah, mommy. That is why I am watching The Sound of Music."

She is nothing if not logical.

Fever induced tears aside, I really do love this scene.  My goodness! The lyrics are all get up and go get it, girl.

With each step I am more certain

Everything will turn out fine

 I have confidence the world can all be mine

They'll have to agree I have confidence in me I have confidence in sunshine

 I have confidence in rain

 I have confidence that spring will come again

 Besides what you see I have confidence in me! Strength doesn't lie in numbers

Strength doesn't lie in wealth

Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumber

When you wake up, Wake up! It's healthy!

Have confidence in sunshine. Have confidence in rain.  Chase adventure and seek courage.  Sleep well and wake up ready.

Now, get out there and go get it.