Fall Back To School

The sky is a bit grey and the leaves are doing their best imitation of a technicolor sunset. It is finally fall and I couldn't be more excited. I've got a fall to do list and I am already ready to check off the first six items.

1. Make stew

2. Put on a fairy hunt

3. Make stew

4. Buy tights in every color and pattern

5. Make stew

6. Read the Mom's Best Fall Back to School mini mag

(Can you tell I like stew? All those mushy potatoes and carrots! Be still my beating heart)

Oh happy day, I was able to check number six off my list in style. The Fall Back to School mini mag is everything this lover of all things fall could ask for, really. It is a cornucopia (fall reference...get it??) of  downloads, activities, recipes, DIY and fall shopping guides that will knock your socks off...and then make you want to buy some new ones.  The Fifth and Hazel chalkboard art sprinkled throughout the mag is worth the price of admission. (Which I suppose is zero dollars. So scratch that. It is worth FAR MORE than the price of admission.) One of my favorite highlights is an article on teaching kids to love learning by Heather Mildenstein of The Coterie. She has so many fabulous activity ideas and inspires me to be a better mom in an "I can actually do that" kind of way.

Lovely Abigail Adams quote stylized by Fifth and Hazel

Also, ahem, I have an article featured in the Fall Back to School guide on page 58 and well, if want to read it...I mean you don't have to, but it would be super duper awesome if you did...You totally could. By clicking here.

Now if you will excuse me, I have about twenty five pounds of stew to make.