Mom's Best Product Review Extravaganza

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a product review event hosted by Mom's Best.  There were fabulous girls in fabulous clothes (floral and plaid mixes abounded), delicious food (ummm, can I have a third sandwich? And by third I mean...fifth) and the room was bedecked with enormous tassled balloons (big enough to take you around the world in 80 days). There were tables choc-a-bloc full of new and classic products for the mamas and babies in our lives. A few of my favorites, seriously run out of your house in pajamas and buy them right now products were: Chooze Shoes

I loved these. The right and left shoe in each pair comes in different, complementary patterns. They are comfortable! They are durable! They are absolutely, positively twirl worthy! The most brilliant part of Chooze Shoes is that is a company that actually helps those in need. They are a Good Returns organization which means that each year all of their profits go to organizations that train, support, educate and make zero interest loans to women so that they can lift themselves out of poverty My goodness, real empowerment of women and cute shoes?

My cup runneth over.

Solly Baby Wraps

Baby wraps. With my first kid they just weren't my thing. Uncomfortable and complicated, by the time I finally had the thing on I felt like a graceless kangaroo. Enter Solly Baby. These wraps are soft, intuitive and downright adorable. When I wore my Solly Baby wrap with Viola I suddenly understood the obsession. The wrap gave me back the use of my hands while also comforting my new baby. Delightful. To top it all off Solly Baby gives 5% off all of their profits to charities that help improve maternal care around the world.

Quick Smart Backpack Stroller

This thing is just amazing. It folds down small enough to fit into a backpack and is still roomy enough for the chubbiest of babies to stretch out and live the life of luxury they have worked so hard to attain. You know, if it is work to sleep, eat and play all day. Bonus? I won this bad boy at the giveaway at the end of the night. And yeah, I was pretty excited. Can you tell?

After all the food was eaten and products reviewed the gals at Mom's Best had one more surprise up their sleeve. All of the goodies we had oggled all night, the shoes, the cribs, the strollers and bikes, every outfit and lovely little wouldn't I like one of those were donated to the Riverside Rape Crisis Center. Just a tiny bit of brightness to men, women and children wading through a time of darkness.

It was a good night.