Good To Know

A few things I learned this week.

Sometimes you only need to tackle life one little corner at a time. I am trying to apply this philosophy to re-organizing my house. Some days I am able to pull a whole room apart and put it back together again. (Well, one day I was able to...) But for the most part, a complete overhaul of any aspect of my life, let alone the entire kitchen, sounds too overwhelming. The fact that I am spending most of my time raising those two kids I have might be to blame. It is also entirely possible I just have a bad character. Whatever the reason, I made a promise to myself this week that I would just organize one tiny piece of the house each day. Yesterday it was the desk in our room. Yes, the only goal I had yesterday was to organize a space that is four square feet big. Aim high, meg. But here is the thing. I organized the hell out of that four square feet. That four sq ft is now my little b word and it feels so good.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my little girls giggling together in their bedroom. I was tired and unready for the day. But then my eyes found that perfectly arranged desk and I thought, "Girl please, you can do this. Let's just approach it 4 sq ft at a time." (Find anyone as inspired by mediocrity as I and you will have me a new best friend.)

Oftentimes, the sweetest sentiments are also the truest. This week Caravan Shoppe released a special free download of one of my favorite quotes from A. A. Milne. Let's get real here, I basically take anything Winnie the Pooh says as gospel, but these few lines in particular get me every darn time. We need to be better about allowing ourselves to see who we really are, rather than all the things we are afraid we might be.

Sleeping Beauty Zuzu

And finally. In a week full of explosions, hurt and death, I have been reminded once more of the special sanctuary childhood is supposed to be. On the day of the Boston bombings, Zuzu played Sleeping Beauty while I tried to keep my tears behind a book. She asked once or twice why I was crying and each time I said it was just because I love her so much. The answer made sense and she would kiss my cheek and go back to playing princess. I watched her lay on that couch with such peace and certainty. She still lives in a world where the prince always comes and evil is thwarted before too much damage is done. She believes in fairies and goodhearted woodland creatures. And she feels quite certain that death is something cured by a kiss.

On that day when so many people's world ended, I promised myself once again that I will keep hers intact as long as I can.

Fairies and all.

Have a good weekend.

All of these pictures are from my instagram account. Find me @meg_in_progress. There are other gems like this one, my 19 month old, that dressed herself, running at me like we are on a battlefield in Braveheart. 

Yeah. Art at it's finest.