Style with Lindsey Shores

Lindsey Shores lives in a world of whimsy. Let's join her there. All photos here are styled by her.

I suppose I should stop being surprised by the fact that my little town contains so many amazing women with big, big dreams and the abilities to match them. I mean, really, this place is bursting with go get it ladies.

Case in point?

The lovely, lovely Lindsey Shores.

Lindsey made a name for herself working for Penny Lovell. During her time on Rodeo Drive she styled celebrities such as Ginny Goodwin, Rose Byrne, Rebecca Romijn, Ellie Kemper and Emily Deschanel. Our pretty Lindsey was living her childhood dream in Jimmy Choo heels. And then, she met a boy, fell in love and decided that some dreams are bigger than the golden streets of Los Angeles.

Lindsey and her lover boy Jared now live in lovely Provo, just a few houses down from me.

Lucky for us she brought some of that Hollywood style along with her.

Lindsey is now offering style services to musicians, professionals and everyday mommas like you and me. She doesn’t want to make you look like the latest glossed out image in a magazine. Lindsey’s mission is to sit down with you, hear you and create a look that helps to capture everything that is lovely, exciting and unique about YOU. How refreshing! A stylist that believes you should look like yourself!

Like her?

Well, you will love her after this. Each month she puts aside a portion of her business profits aside so that she can pick an individual to style. Maybe a young graduate that needs the perfect wardrobe for job interviews, a mother that has forgotten what it’s like to put on something that doesn’t smell like baby spit up or a woman that just needs to know that once in a while we get to look pretty, because dammit, we deserve it.

Want a little help with your look? (You deserve it and with her great rates, you can afford it, too.) Check Lindsey out here.

Here are some of her fabulous offerings,

Client Services


Spending time with you to reach your highest beauty potential. I’ll offer my expertise on fashion, trends, how to dress for your body type, and advise you with  hair, makeup and a fitness plan to get your confidence boosted. I’ll list you the staples needed to complete your wardrobe and recommend the best shops, boutiques and sites for you. This is typically the first step into the full process of styling your every need, however, can be a solo option as well.


I’ll probe your closet and find the staples you currently have, and those you need.  Cleaning out your wardrobe on a semi-annual basis is crucial to feel detoxified and fit in with the trends.  I’ll organize your closet on what’s most flattering for your body type, skin tone, personality and style. I’ll educate you on what materials to stay away from — due to shrinkage, static or poor quality. I’ll re-define your image based on the current collection and combine plenty of new outfits for the office, home, date nights and all other events.


I’m excellent in the shops and have an eye for the necessities, classics and statement pieces. There are two options I have for personal shopping. One, I can meet you at the shops and find you the perfect items needed for you personally. I will assist you in shopping, fitting and exploring the right stores for you. The second option is that I do all the personal shopping for you by myself and come to your home for fittings. I’ll bring you plenty of pieces for your style and find all other pieces needed or desired. Option one or two are both great and each have benefits. *I also work excellent within a budget and have a gift for frugality when needed.


I’m your personal guru for whatever event or special evening you have coming up.  Whether it’s an anniversary, job interview, gala or television appearance. I will take you through your closet, stores or online to find the perfect ensemble that’ll make you feel beautiful from the inside out, and illuminate your confidence.


I work well remotely and have a knack for virtual styling and online shopping. I’m a prestigious web shopper and can find any piece you dream of, online and shipped directly to your home. Virtually styling has some perks, such as having endless options to find just what you’re looking for, using online shops from around the world. Working with you through Skype, email, social media or any other medium, will not interfere with any your styling needs.