Spoken here

She doesn't think I have any flaws. But she also calls all of her dolls, "Drop!", so I don't know that she is the soundest judge of, you know, anything. 

So I started a post for today about one of my biggest flaws. You know the kind of flaw that will make you trip and fall and bash your nose on those pearly gates. And then you are just there bleeding and Saint Peter is like, "Umm we don't ask much to let you in here. But bleeding all over Heaven is kind of frowned on so....maybe head to Arizona and get back to us in...." And then he backs away and closes the gate while looking away and whistling. So then I am stuck in Arizona, and not the part that houses the Grand Canyon, no way. Nope, certainly I would be sent to Phoenix in the middle of August, the accommodations would be a Motel 6 with a broken A/C and cockroaches with something to prove.

That is how big this flaw is.

But then I was like...Come on, Meg! It's Monday! Monday funday! Nobody wants to hear you whine about your shortcomings. Depressing shortcoming posts are totes a Thursday type of deal. Maybe even Wednesday. But most certainly not Monday.

So today I will just write three things that make me happy and then close up shop and go outside with my girls.

Drumroll, please.

1. Charred toast smeared with avocado and goat cheese. Naturally all the char and schmear is then topped with a fried egg. Cracked pepper. Sea salt. Now, eat. (No seriously, eat. It is so darn good.)

2. Every single episode of Antique Roadshow. Seriously, I cry with happiness every time I watch it. It would be embarrassing if I didn't feel so right in my happy tears wonder.

3. The fact that I get to speak this Friday in California about the worth of a woman. Even more delightful, many of the women attending are the very same ladies that helped me navigate from awkward 12 year old to somehow more awkward 18 year old. There is room for me to bring like, you know, three people and I would love for those three to be some of you. It's in Chino Hills, CA this Friday and it's free. The only catch is that it is going to be super duper fun and there will be lots of of food. If you are interested in coming, shoot me an email at meginprogress@gmail.com.

And now you are thinking, wait...was this whole post just some lame attempt to get to the fact that she is speaking on womanhood and thinks I should hear it? How self serving is that? I bet she doesn't even like charred toast.

But I really do love charred toast. With my whole heart. So you know, there is that.

Happy Monday.

(Depressing flaw filled post coming soon.)