Sisters, Sisters

I have two sisters. They are my favorites. We spent our childhood screaming at each other and attacking anyone that dared to hurt any one of us. Sisterhood can complicated. The years have calmed us. We don't really fight anymore, but you better believe we will gut you like a fish if you hurt one of us. (Okay, not really. But we might talk about you behind your back for a week, because really? You should be nice.)

 Jaimie likes foie gras, teaching the second grade and movies with vampires and wizards.

Lindsay likes baking, painting and lambing season.

I am so glad Zuzu and Honey have each other. Sisters make hard things easier, dark things brighter, loneliness less lonely. My girls like each other right now. I know over the next few years that will change and then change back again a few times. It's alright. Sisterhood isn't about the short term. Like it or not they are in this thing for the long haul. And if they are anything like me...they will love it.

Viola Honey and Margaret Zuzu like Capri Sun, Dora the Explorer and each other.