Shape Shifter

A typical night at my house.

Me, yelling from the bedroom: No way! What??? OH MY GOSH!

Riley, running upstairs: Is everything alright?

Me, frantically pacing the room: No! Everything is not alright. HE IS A SHAPE SHIFTER!

Riley, confused and maybe a little concerned: Who is a shape shifter?

Me: Francis! I mean...he is one of the only people she can trust and then he goes and dies. And then an amorphous alien gets in there and takes over his form and is going to be working from the INSIDE TO GET HER.

Riley: Ummmm. Okay. I’m assuming you’re talking about a show? Or a book?

Me, like duh: Yeah, Fringe. Francis. Olivia. You know.

Riley, she's crazy: Yeah, I don’t.

Me, introspective after the initial shock: You know. There are layers of meaning here. I mean, doesn’t that happen so often? A woman finally trusts a man, puts her life in his hands and then one day she wakes up and he just isn’t the same guy anymore. He’s changed. He might as well be a shapeshifting life form. And does she know it? Not really. Because she knew him, right? She’s sure she did. And she keeps trusting the memory of him instead of dealing with the deceit right in front of her. Holy cow. You know what I’m saying?


Hey, Riley?

Riley, laughing: Yep. I bet that’s exactly what the writers of that mid-level network TV show were trying to get across with that plot line. You nailed it.