Please, Sir. Can I have some more?

Riley and I are in the wonder years. Our house is filled with the tears and laughter of our babies. We are twenty seven and trying to decide what we will be when we grow up. And the two of us still like to turn on a movie and make out on the couch. We are unbelievably blessed by the abundance in our lives. The only thing we don't have much of is money. So we share Diet Cokes, window shop at H&M and never, ever go out to eat. Yesterday was a sweet exception. We had $20 and enough gas to get to my favorite Italian deli this side of the Mississippi. Zuzu got a bowl of meatballs and Riley and I split a sandwich. The sandwich was a balsamic drenched, salumi delight and it was nearly enough to make a hungry person not so hungry. Which is to say, we were still very hungry. Poor Zuzu thought we were watching her eat her meatballs because we think she is adorable. We were really just waiting to pounce on any juicy bits she might leave behind. Yes. We steal food from our three year old.


(Simply because I felt like this post needed that word one more time.)