O My!

My Valentine gift to you?

A video of me talking to the ladies on ABC's The Daily Dish about everyday romance. A segment in which I get a little too animated and say the O word twice. And yes, my dad was watching.

I know, I know. Next year I promise to get you chocolates instead.

Smile! Man, I am not very photogenic. Yowza.

Generally, Riley and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We don't have any hard and fast rule against it. It's just that the whole One Day To Make A Big Gesture thing isn't totally our style. The extent of our revelry is found somewhere along the lines of a text during the day or an "Oh, Honey! Today was Valentine's Day, huh?" Our anniversary has also suffered from this laid back mentality. Last year was the first year either of us remembered what day the blessed event fell on. I think we ended up getting Chick-Fil-A and making out in a Target parking lot. Yes, we celebrated our sixth anniversary like two fifteen year old's trying to spend all their allowance money before curfew.

It was awesome.

It's not that the lovely husband is not romantic. There have been plenty of candlelit nights and surprise presents wrapped in ribbon. Rather, it is that my definition of real romance has very little to do with flowers one day a year. Riley is there when I need him, he supports my crazy pie-in-the-sky dreams, he is a good father. I mean, that boy makes our bed every day before he leaves for work. (Granted, it is because he cannot stand how I do it. Something about me being raised in a barn?) For me, the big little things that man does every day take the pressure off the days like Valentine's Day

This year, in an effort to be more heart shaped, I bought him a tie. I was so excited about it I gave it to him as soon as I got to the house. He, sweet boy that he is, backed The Lost Party book on Kickstarter with enough money that I get a book, a family portrait, a picture from the book and clouds raining down confetti. A surprise he kept to himself for a full five minutes. So today will be like all of our other Valentine's days.

A text, a shrug and a lot of love.

This guy.