Now, That's Funny

Just a few of the treats that have been dropped off to our house since life started sucking the big one.

Things we say to make each other laugh when we don't feel like laughing. Not even a little.

Me (Completely serious): Riley, you know part of the reason I married you was because I knew there would be times like this. And I knew you could handle it. I knew you could take care of business.

Riley (Also, apparently, completely serious): You know, part of the reason I married you is because I knew I would be able to afford to get you a boob job someday.

Get it? Because I have small breasts? I seriously laughed for one whole minute. Which right now, is a long, long time.

Want to laugh some more? Catch me on The Daily Dish on the CW today between 9am and 10am. I am an emotional wreck, have never been on TV before and will be talking about sex. So yeah, that should be good.