Mom's Best: The Giveaway Edition

Mom's Best is the new website your everyday has been hoping you would find. It is a place full of women who understand that the crumbs on your kitchen floor won't keep you from achieving all those dreams you dream. Trying to understand the details of starting your own business or want to learn the best way to make green beans with roasted red pepper sauce (and who doesn't)? Mom's Best is the resource you will turn to again and again. The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae of empowerment and inspiration? Yours truly now writes for Mom's Best. And yeah. I think that is pretty, darn cool.

So. A celebration.

Mom's Best is hosting a giveaway here on Meg in Progress, there will be two lucky winners and I have to say I love the products to bits.

First up, something I consider revolutionary, The Snack and Play. We just went on a road trip and this would have been a game changer. Oh, the miles and miles of Zuzu fretting because the crayons kept falling off her lap. The Snack and Play would have kept those crayons where they belonged and I might have held on to my sanity for just a little itty bit longer.


Once road tripping with the kids is a snap, the whole world looks new. Suddenly you find yourself thinking, Man. Maybe two kids isn't enough...I mean we just drove to California without one nervous breakdown...Where is the challenge, the fun it that? Maybe it is time to have one more baby, just one more.... So you have that one more (having fun now?) and need a safe, comfortable and adorable way to breastfeed. Enter the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover. A lovely bit of magic engineered to make your baby feel cocooned while keeping your new milk making assets away from prying eyes. 

Excited? Good.

Please Note: This giveaway is now closed. A big congrats to the winners, Heather and Pamela!


How to enter.

Contest starts April 12th and runs through April 15th, 11:59 pm MST. Winner will be notified, Monday April 16th.

Leave a comment on this post for every step you complete below. Do 'em all and increase your chances to win, win, win!

1) Leave a comment on this post.

2) Head over to Mom's Best, browse around and come back to comment on your favorite feature.

3) 'Like' Mom's Best on Facebook.

4) Follow Mom's Best on Twitter

5) Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter

The Rules. Read 'em so you don't weep.

1) Must be at least 18 or have parental consent

2) Every entry must be accompanied by a valid email as the winner will be notified via email.

3) Winner will be chosen using a process.

Good luck!

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