Listen To Your Mother Show

Today is the day!

The Listen To Your Mother Show is tonight at 7pm at Thanksgiving Point in Utah. Join me and Cjane Kendrick, Amy Hackworth, Holly on the Hill and so many more as we talk about motherhood honestly and share our stories. Doors open at 6:15 and tickets will be sold at the door (and they will be taking credit cards, woot woot.) Tickets are only $10, making this event both a meaningful AND cheap mother's day gift.

Want to know why I love it and why I hope you come right along and join us?

Check out this video by the founder, Ann Imig. It will make you cry. Well, it made me cry. But then what doesn't...

Here are a few of my thoughts on the lovely women I am appearing with, and lovely is really the right word.

And just in case I haven't persuaded you fully, watch this video of me being as animated as a muppet while I talk about how much I love this project.

Will I see you there?